I installed MOSS 2007 on my virtual PC. locally everything works find by using and typing the http://myserver/

However, when I try to access my virtual PC from the outside http://myipaddress:myport/ (which points to my VPC), every thing works fine except :

When I click on Documents (top bar), I see the http://myipaddress:myport/Docs  (on the task bar of ie), however the http gets redirected to http://myserver which of course doesn't exist in the outside of home network

This is wired, does MOSS have a hardcoded http addresses (including the name of the server) or does it work exclusively on relative http addresses?

Next when I click on site specifications of document, I could see that they are on http://myIPAddress/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx however I can see no myport specification

This is a case for Alternate Access mappings. sharePoint is doing just what it is designed to do. in order to access your site from a different URL, youneed to go into your Central Administration and create an Alternate Access mapping for the web application to map the myipaddress:myport to myserver.