I'm trying to use enable routing for failed messages, I specify my send port with a filter on the existence of a failure code (everything is ok till here, the failed messages are correctly routed)

Then I add a filter on errors that come specifically from a receive port. And here nothing, the message is not routed and this acts as if no routing existed, when I see the context of the failed message the receive port is a promoted property !

If you look closely at your suspended Error Message (The non-resumable instance), you will see that the regular ReceivePortName (BTS.) is marked "Not Promoted", whereas the ErrorReport.ReceivePortName is. So you need to change your subscription to:
ErrorReport.ErrorType exits AND
ErrorReport.ReceivePortName = WHATEVER 

We are trying to connect BizTalk 2006 R2 to Sharepoint 2007, What are the rights the BizTalk User should have (within Sharepoint) in order to retrieve and save documents to Sharepoint? I guess Site Owner is
too much

To Save: Contribution Rights Also the BizTalk user must be part of the SharePoint Enables Host group on the SharePoint Server. 

I am trying to configure  Microsoft SAP Adapter 2.0.

I created send and receive ports as for documentation, RFC programs
also running at receive location folder,when i started buldingIdoc XSD
from SAP Adapter Wizard i am getting error:

FileNotFoundException: File or assembly name SAP.Connector,or one of
its dependencies, was not found

I have to generate Idoc XSD from SAP Adapter.

The Microsoft SAP Adapter V2 works with the SAP .NET Connector V1.0.3.

If you have V2 of the .NET Connector then you get the error you have seen. Try removing the V2 .NET connector and replacing with 1.0.3.The results you get seem to vary with the installations that have beeninstalled. Some folks report success with the .NET Connector V2

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