• IRS: Integration Reporting Solution for BizTalk Server


    The IRS (Integration Reporting Solution) is a way to display Integration Activities for your Data Flows. For now the solution is dedicated for BizTalk Server, but it could be adapted to SQL Server Integration Services.
    The IRS tries to answer different questions :

    1. Have you ever wanted to know what application or functionnal domain is using most your BizTalk Server, What are the objects you are propagating? how many interchanges per day, per week, per month?
    2. What if you want to track the content, and display functional data, or detailed data of your flow going through BizTalk Server?  Of course you could use BAM, but sometimes the BAM is cubersome, there are too many parameters and you are not sure which one to use, you need to find the right people to do it
    3. Your flow may have different time cycles, you may want to keep history of the messages and/or of their content depending on the flow?

    The IRS (Integration Reporting Solution) tries to answer to these kind of questions.

    Enough speaking we want action

    A demonstration video is better than all explanations I might use to convince you of the "bien fondé" of the solution

    How long will it take us to put in place the solution

    Obviously it is depending on the size of your projects, nevertheless, we can do a nice Proof Of Concept for your environment in less than 7 days, to do an onsite POC you'll need a dedicated VM with Only SQL Server features installed on it.

    Is the solution Complex

    No, once the framework is in place, we need to spend some time configuring the solution based on data flowing through BizTalk Server, it also depends on the level of customization needed. afterwards all is native, SQL Queries, Reports... a simple developer could thereafter generate and customize the reports.